Visual Research


Alina-Maria Griga

Layered visions in fashion | clothing | costume

The garment, with its multiple meanings, is a powerful vector of human expressiveness and an essential catalyst of identity and culture, dynamically influencing and redefining the contemporary expressive and artistic landscape. A multidisciplinary approach reveals how the interplay between clothing and various artistic fields – visual, performing, video and digital media arts – influences costume, personal and collective expression. The paper aims to exemplify the different perspectives of interpretation, innovation and experimental research in the education of the design-wear field, exploring its multiple directions. The focus is on the versatility of the garment and its ability to regenerate between tradition and avant-garde. Exploring the interplay between author, performer and spectator reveals the active core of costume and garment aesthetics, where creation offers a continuous performance in current artistic and cultural expression.

Graphic design: Crina-Ioana Athanasiu,
Proofreading: Alina Anea
Photo: Ramona Murgu

Year: 2024
ISBN 978-606-720-195-6
Circulation: 150

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