About the Publishing House


UNArte Publishing House supports and promotes the activities of the Research Center for History and Theory of Visual Forms and the Research Department of the National University of Arts Bucharest, developing a strategic program with a national and international dimension of analysis and scientific research in specific and related fields, providing a specialized framework and developing tools to support and promote artistic research.


  • Contribute to the consolidation of the scientific and theoretical approach of the artistic phenomenon using analysis and research, exploration of the artistic process, artistic and curatorial practices ;
  • To support and encourage editorial projects of artistic and scientific research;
  • Contributing to projects that encourage and promote contemporary Romanian creation at the international level;
  • To highlight the educational role of research by publishing books that promote visual and theoretical culture;
  • To support the editorial results that conclude the collaboration between artists/researchers from Romania and abroad;
  • To facilitate the access to international networks of research and analysis, to stimulate and promote the publications of the publishing house.

Areas of Research:


1. Visual Studies – Art Theory – Art Criticism – Curatorial Studies – Romanian Art – Universal Art

2. Heritage – Museum studies – Catalogues raisonnés – Heritage exhibition catalogs

3. Aesthetics of the visual image

4. Artistic Research – Contemporary Art – Exhibition Catalogues

5. Cultural Management and Policies

The research teams are composed of professors of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, artists, professors and / or researchers who carry out research activities as guest professors and affiliated members, critics, historians, curators, visual artists, specialists in the field of research.

The editorial plan covers both the activity of mainstream or emerging theorists, historians, art critics and curators and visual artists. The projects supported and promoted are individual or collective initiatives, independent or included in the strategic plan of the UNArte publishing house, specific to the field of research and promotion of visual arts and theories.


Academic books

Scientific Book: Visual Studies and Theories, Document – Archive, Essential Monographs – Portrait, Visual Research, Artist’s Project



International Scientific Events

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