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Methodology for the evaluation of editorial projects submitted for publication to UNArte publishing house.

The author sends the proposed work to be printed in pdf format for analysis, to be submitted to the peer review selection procedure. Romanian characters (diacritics) will be used, the text will be corrected and the graphic design will be close to the final form.

The document is sent to the e-mail address (secondary address:

The peer review procedure of the editorial projects sent for publication to UNArte publishing house is carried out according to the following steps:

– the editorial projects are first analyzed by the editorial staff, which keeps the editorial projects meeting the selection criteria mentioned below;

– after approval by the editorial team, the editorial projects are submitted to a peer review process;

– the editorial projects will be presented and analyzed by 2 external evaluators, who will independently assess the scientific quality of each project proposed for publication and make their recommendations to the Editor.

– The names of the references will not be made public, in order to guarantee confidentiality. Depending on the result of the evaluation, ways to improve the volume will be sent to the author. If one of the articles is favorable and the other is not, the decision will be made by the editorial board. If both articles are unfavorable, the article will be rejected.

– the editorial staff will send the authors the decision of the publishing house’s evaluators;

– UNArte Publishing House uses a blind peer review system.

The peer review procedure is adopted in order to rigorously select the documents to be published by UNArte Publishing House. The professional quality of the external evaluators guarantees the selection of works of the highest interest and implicitly improves the quality of the publishing house’s publications.



  • to select the best manuscripts/editorial projects submitted for publication, as well as to improve them, thus adding quality to the scientific work;
  • to ensure that the selection criteria of the publishing houses and the CNCS are respected;
  • to select the most interesting work for the field;
  • to lead to the improvement of the quality of the publishing house’s projects.


For the selection procedure of the manuscripts sent for publication to UNArte Publishing House, the editorial staff and scientific reviewers will take into account the following priority criteria:

  • the originality and the innovative aspects of the work;
  • the relevance of the editorial project;
  • the quality of the research;
  • the methodology used in the research of the chosen topic;
  • the selection of the most interesting works for the field;
  • the documentation on the subject and the clarity of the scientific content, the quality of the writing;
  • the quality of the graphic presentation of the publication.
  • the improvement of the quality of the publications.


Working stages :

When the book enters in the working stage, the following operations will be carried out:

1. Pre-printing

– the assignment of an ISBN or ISSN (as applicable)

– as a result of the writing process, editing, graphic design, operations commissioned from collaborators and funded by the author or UNArte – in the case of projects funded by the university, research projects or other donors

– request of the description of the CIP

2. print

– printing is made to order and is financially supported by the author or UNArte, in the case of projects financed by the university, research projects or other funding.

3. promotion

– the title, author and cover are posted on the publisher’s website ( and on other social media channels (Facebook page, Instagram)

4. dissemination

– the author undertakes to transfer to the Publishing House a number of 14 copies for books and 12 copies for CDs/DVDs for legal deposit at the National Library, for participation in book or educational fairs, for promotion and for other libraries;

– the volumes supported financially by UNARTE are made available for sale through book publishing partners or project partners;

– the books financially supported by UNARTE are sold through publishing partners or project partners;

– the books financially supported by the author are put into circulation by the beneficiary.

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