Constantin Aslam, Cornel-Florin Moraru

Philosophy of Art Course. Major Traditional Orientations and Contemporary Analysis Programs (Vol. 2)

2nd volume - Philosophy of art in modernity and postmodernity

The research of the work of art within philosophy and with the specific methods of philosophical reflection has placed us, as illustrated by the contents of the first volume, from the very beginning, in the thematic field explored by the history of philosophy. A succession of great eras of European culture, understood as the expression of a certain vision of the world or, in the technical terms of philosophy, of a Weltanschauung. We therefore follow the same method, explicitly indicated in the third chapter of the first volume, in dealing with the question of the philosophy of art in modernity and contemporaneity.

ISBN general 978-606-720-080-5

Year: 2017
ISBN 978-606-720-082-9

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