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Mădălina Brașoveanu, Daria Ghiu, Adrian Guță, Ileana Pintilie, Delia Marinescu, , Wanda Mihuleac, Cristian Nae, Olivia Nițiș, Veda Popovici, Magda Radu, Alina Şerban, Anca Vasiliu

In(visible) Frames. Rhetoric and exhibition practices in Romania during the period 1965-1989

Coordinator: Nae Emil Cristian

The book “Invisible Frames. Rhetoric and exhibition practices in Romania during the period 1965-1989” is part from the research project entitled “Pluralization of the public sphere. Art exhibitions in Romania during 1968-1989”, financed by UEFISCDI and held at the New Europe College in Bucharest, which analyses the artistic production considered as unofficial (Cârneci 2014), alternative (Pintilie 1999), subversive (Chirst and Dressler 2011) or, in a generic way , experimental (Titu 2004) in Romania in the period mentioned, from the point of view of institutional frameworks.

The publication covers the most important alternative/experimental exhibition phenomena of the period under study, as well as significant case studies on official exhibitions. As far as the authors are concerned, well-known art historians contribute to this volume, as well as the coordinator, who was familiar with the artistic phenomena they comment on (Adrian Guță, Ileana Pintilie), young authors with expertise in the field studied (Daria Ghiu, Alina Șerban, Magda Radu, Olivia Nițiș) and young doctoral researchers, some of whom are in their early stages (Mădălina Brașoveanu, Veda Popovici, Diana Marinescu). The relevance of the volume is increased by the publication of an interview with Wanda Mihuleac and by the textual testimonies of the organizers of some of these exhibitions, such as Anca Vasiliu.

Translations by: Blyth Alistair Ian, Sorana Lupu, Hametner, Carmen Dobre, Roxana Ghiță

Year: 2016
ISBN 978-606-720-059-1
Circulation: 300

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