Essential Monographs – Portrait


Ruxandra Demetrescu, Patricia Bădulescu, Cristina Cojocaru, Ioana Măgureanu (coordinator)

Simona Runcan

The catalogue devoted to Simona Runcan’s creation on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition at Mogoșoaia Palace, reproduces a large part of the artist’s works, offering a chronological perspective of her creative stages and highlighting how they are articulated through affiliations of motifs, themes and ideas. The volume, a necessary tool for the (re)reading and (re)interpretation of these works, includes a series of studies, signed by prof. Ruxandra Demetrescu, Cristina Cojocaru, Patricia Bădulescu and Ioana Măgureanu, coordinator of the publication.

Ştefan Sava (photographs)
Serioja Bocsok (graphic design)

Year: 2016
ISBN 978-606-720-047-8
Circulation: 300

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