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The volume is the catalogue of the exhibition Petru Lucaci, Chiaroscuro, open at the Craiova Art Museum (March-April 2022).

The exhibition Petru Lucaci opened at the Craiova Art Museum offers a retrospection, a re-visitation of the itinerary the painter started soon after 1990, the moment when black became for him the dominant colour, evident in the cycles “Nightshades”, “White/Black”, “Night Shadows”, “Chiaroscuro”, or “Black-based Cocktail”.” Ruxandra Demetrescu

Texts by: Ruxandra Demetrescu, Emilian Ștefârță, Mihaela Velea
English translation: Monica Manu
Photographs, grafic design, DTP: Serioja Bocsok
Photographs: Andrei Mateescu

Year: 2022
ISBN 978-606-720-159-8
Circulation: 300

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