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Cristian Velescu, Ruxandra Demetrescu, Mihaela Velea, Emilian Ștefârță

Cătălin Bălescu: Mannerism as a state

The catalogue accompanies the exhibition at the Art Museum in Craiova, an event supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute, where the artist exhibited paintings, drawings and objects from the last period of creation, as well as a sample of representative works from previous periods.

Considering Mannerism, through the cultural quotation, through the fragmentary approach of certain forms with a clear content in other periods and in another context, as a constant of the 20th century, Cătălin Bălescu affirms that everything that is structured and defined as postmodernism, is, in substance, only a new form of cyclical manifestation of Mannerism.

Translations: Zenovia Popa
Design: Faber Studio

Year: 2018
ISBN 978-606-720-104-8
Circulation: 500

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