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Cristina Stoenescu (Ed.)

Aurora Király – Proiecte recente / New projects

The book Aurora Király: New Projects offers an up-to-date perspective on the artist’s work. Aurora Király’s projects address the creation of modern and contemporary women artists in art history and attempt to draw up an artistic genealogy of her body of art. Photography is her medium of choice and she explores it both conceptually and in terms of its development as a medium. Her art projects analyze and discuss aspects such as: the artistic process in contemporary art, the way artists select their sources of inspiration and how they express their individuality.


Texts by: Liviana Dan, Aurora Király, Cristina Stoenescu
Editor: Cristina Stoenescu
Translation: Cristina Stoenescu
Proof-reading: Giles Eldridge
Text correction: Ileana Savu, Sandra Demetrescu

Year: 2017
ISBN 978-606-720-092-8
Circulation: 500

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